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EURUSD: Set to go higher?

1.2630, and then possibly 1.2830 after that. Let’s have a look at some charts. I have marked the 1.2630 – 1.2650 zone on the chart above and shown several of the significant reversals that have happened on that zone in the past. Nothing I am seeing in the recent price action suggests a major reversal […]

Weekly Snapshot | March 12-16

The FX market doesn’t seem to know what to do with the Greenback at the moment. Against the Pound, we’re seeing Dollar weakness: What do I mean? Well, after rejecting the upper trendline I’ve drawn in here (USD strength), price rushed back up just to have another go at breaking out. Not to mention that […]

Weekly Snapshot | February 26

This week, we spend 30 seconds each on four markets. Let’s get to it. EURUSD The shared currency faces a decision point this week. If price bounces from where it is now, we’re almost certainly in a prolonged consolidation before another move higher (represented by the blue arrows.) However, price has been hugging support (both […]

Weekly Snapshot | February 19 – 23

EURUSD Has the EURUSD finally reached a turning point? Friday’s big bearish candle may seem to suggest that we’ve reached a turning point, potentially printing a double-to up at 1.2500 Now I know it could be easily argued (and probably more correctly) that we’ve actually seen three touches up at 1.2500, i.e., a triple-top. However, […]

Is Sterling turning?

I was putting together my watchlist for the week and noticed an interesting theme in many markets: The Pound. The GBP seems to all over, so I’m going to focus my attention there. In short, are we seeing GBP weakness about to return, and if so, what would be the best market to target? GBPUSD […]

Weekly Snapshot for Snooze Fest 2017

The last couple of months have seen levels of extremely low volatility in both equities and the forex space. Zerohedge reported on September 2017 as the quietest September on record. FX hasn’t been much better, with Bloomberg running the ominous headline “FX Markets Are Stuck in Low-Volatility Quicksand With No Escape” on the 11th of […]